Actual Music

Actual MusicActual Music is a program designed to engage children in the wonderful world of music and dance.  It provides education, participation, listening and visual excitement to the young students.  As an all season program that can move from location to location it can be used in many forms including at home in schools, libraries, camps and recreation centers.

In the five week program, a Cleveland Pops Musician will play something on their instrument followed by the children giving a brief performance.  An explanation is then given about what the students watched, the concept, learning about the instruments, and how music is made.  The material is all age appropriate and easy to understand. Our program includes an audience participation portion that consists of a listening/drawing session, movement to different music styles, and introduction to playing an actual instrument.

Children are also introduced to the concepts of how musicians work as a team, how they respect one another, how they share space, and how each instrument is a “person” and has something to offer that is special and unique in their own way.  All instruments have different features and sounds, work independently and at different levels which is an important “life” lesson.  They are also introduced to the organization of music and dance and how it translates to the learning process and how it can help them in school.

It includes a course for teachers, librarians or other facilitators that would like to continue the program and students receive take-home materials to further encourage the exploration of the arts.

Program length: 5 sessions per grade (one class period per session) Program is best if it can be done in a five-week period – once a week.

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