Meet the Fly Dance Company! 

Kathy Musick Wood is the founder and artistic director of Fly Dance Company. Fly began in 1993, when Kathy met and recruited hip hop dancers performing at a Houston street festival. Kathy began an experiment combining hip hop movement with classical music by Antonio Vivaldi, resulting in a piece called “Out of Context.” The success of this piece was the beginning of a ten-year process that culminated in the touring group that Fly is today. Through Fly, Kathy has melded street dance with contemporary choreography to produce a new genre of dance which is being enthusiastically received by a diverse audience across the world.

Fly Dance Company is an all-male theatrical hip hop dance company based in Houston, Texas. The company is known for its high-energy performances with clever staging to a variety of music styles and genres. Fly’s concerts are clean-cut and wholesome artistry designed to cross all audience boundaries, with combining styles and cultures to reflect the musical tastes of contemporary America.

You can learn more about Fly and the dancers here.