Carl Topilow, conductor of The Cleveland Pops Orchestra, has put down his clarinet and picked up a recorder to help educate students at home.

During Governor Mike DeWine’s stay-at-home order, families have had to adjust to being under the same roof. Parents are now trying to balance working from home and homeschooling their children. Perhaps the hardest lesson of all is that many children were sent home with their recorders. A recorder is a woodwind instrument that’s often given to students in fourth grade for them to explore the possibility of pursuing playing an instrument.  While at first, students may play the instrument like a horn, or blow into it as hard as they can, as they begin to understand the recorder, they start to make beautiful music.

As a virtuoso clarinetist, Carl understands first-hand the value of learning the recorder.

“If you learn to play the recorder, it’s a really great foundation to the clarinet, flute or any instrument in the band or orchestra,” said Topilow. “I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Zoom and having some fun with the recorder!”

If your child is interested in a free recorder lesson from Carl Topilow, simply email Then, you will be contacted with the date and time of the Zoom recorder lesson.

Are you one of the lucky families who have a child at home with their recorder? Are they missing music class but desperately want to play the recorder? Our world-renowned conductor, Carl Topilow, has put down his clarinet and picked up the recorder to teach your child some tunes. Interested in joining this virtual recorder lesson? Email us at to sign up!

Posted by The Cleveland Pops Orchestra on Tuesday, April 14, 2020